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Core Systems

Water & Plumbing

Water Source

  • garden hose
  • rainwater collection
  • importing tanks in

Water Pressure

Flojet LF122202A Water Pump here


Water heating

Tank – pros: hot water is on tap

cons: constantly using energy to keep it hot, finite amount of water


Tankless Electric (on-demand/instant)

Tankless Propane  (on-demand/instant)

RV550 here


Wood Stove

dickinson marine heater

Electric Heating

400 watt panel heater



By having only one bathroom, you can afford the fixtures you really want.

Toilet & Sewage

Gray water toilet

incinerating toilet (electric)

  • shower/tub
    • teak bench from Waterworks
  • bathroom sink
    • Mini Nova basin by Barclay

Wet Bath

You can simply have the toilet and shower in the bathroom and relocate the mirror, sink, toiletries to another space outside of the bathroom.


  • kitchen sink
    •  more conservative and sanitary
  • stove
  • oven
  • dish washer
  • laundry


AC/DC Panel

progressive dynamics mighty mini

Description: AC/DC power unit perfect for a tiny home”




Propane Costs Per year – approx $200/year

From Kirsten Dirksen Granary Row Video

James Alfandre


Extension Cord


  • internet


Flat LEDs

flat led lighting saves space because it doesn’t need to be recessed, yet it saves vertical space and general mass. These are also energy efficient